Thanks a Million Ad van der Rest

Thanks a million Ad van der Rest, Les Ormonde and Hilary Husbands for pulling together the truly excellent article, Guide to interim management, 2014 Institute of interim Management (IIM) (source)

I’ve struggled for so long trying to explain to recruiters & employers how I can be a jack of all trades and also a technical master of some.

How it’s possible that a software engineer can train as a mental health counsellor and also manage IT change programmes. And how it’s possible that in 20 years of self-employment I’ve managed to work on nearly 50 projects.

The problem seems to be that I never saw myself as an interim, or as someone working as an interim (even though that is what I have effectively been doing for over a decade now). Maybe the problem is also in part a hangover from the contracting way of working I was used to as a software engineer – ie. blinkered by a 9 to 5, 5 days per week arrangement.

My professional “portfolio” was the closest I ever came to better articulating my value, but in practice, such a thing was often not understood and (at worst) scared people off. Especially recruiters.

2020 is a new year and a new opportunity to remediate all this. Perhaps dare I say with a new viewpoint on my career – that of being an “Interim”.

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