Birchgrove Finance Integration (Part 1)

I’ve really been enjoying rolling up my sleeves and writing C# code for Birchgrove, a private equity backed venture to develop assisted living for the over 65’s. Their flagship home has just finished construction in Sidcup and they needed software integration work done to join up their restaurant system (Microtill) to the property management system (Yardi Voyager) to their accountancy system (Sage 200).

As a startup, they were in the unique situation of handing a lot of money to construct the home but not having an office for their staff – which means everyone not serving the residents work remotely. This was such a good opportunity to work again in finance, do some C# .Net SQL Excel coding, and conduct it all remotely from home.

It was such a nice feeling to fire up Visual Studio once again and go back to the kind of engineering I love. And really great seeing the automatic feed between Microtill and Yardi Voyager spring into action this month as we performed the first automatic feed for June month-end.

The .Net language hasn’t moved on as much as I expected and it’s taken no time at all to learn the latest versions of Visual Studio and GitHub. I’d really love to do more projects like this – please get in touch if you need anything similar to this work.

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