Agile Coaching for Programme Managers

How many of my Scrum Master colleagues out there, who also hold a formal qualification in coaching (eg. EMCC EIA or similar) have made use of their 1-to-1 coaching skills, within their day to day Scrum Master role and/or within the programme / client environment they find themselves in?

If this is you, or you have experience of trying to do so, I’d love to hear more about how this came about, yours and the individuals’ experiences, and whether it was ultimately fruitful or not.

My feeling is there is a very real place for coaching individuals with programme level responsibilities as an enabler within transformation programmes, but there are also some very real obstacles that prevent such a thing getting off the ground or being effective.

I ask because a related point I’m wondering about, is how much time an Agile Coach typically spends embedding existing agile frameworks (eg. Scrum, SAFe) compared to coaching individuals and their team in adopting Agile practices and new ways of working.

I’d love to hear all thoughts and feedback on such things.

Frank Ray

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