Happiness at Work

I’ve spent the last 6 – 7 years examining each contract I’ve had to learn the conditions I do my best work under, and when it makes sense for a client to pay my rates. Below are my tried and tested learnings, from most important (bright orange) to least important. Knowledge uncovered at the tender age of 41, which would have been more useful at the age of 16.

What hasn’t worked so well, has been coming up with an approach for interviewing and contracting to give these conditions the best chance of success. That’s been really tricky and a bit hit and miss. The recruitment industry is full of keyword tracking, technical tests, personality profiling etc – and yet I still wonder sometimes if the person hiring me really understands how to get the best from our relationship (ie. maximum ROI), even with it drawn out so simply.

I’ve even gone to the extent of previously hiring a professional author to ensure the presentation and language of my Resume / CV reflected those values (being careful not misrepresent myself) with efforts focused on trying to attract more of the brightly coloured circles. Undecided if this has actually worked however.

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