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Lots of stuff appears on this blog – as the Tag Cloud can attest to. The general themes of this blog are:

  • Project Management, Agile Transformations
  • Self-employment (freelancing, contracting, consulting)
  • Remote working, flexible working, working from home
  • Software engineering
  • Working in the public sector
  • Project dysfunction and perversion
  • Retraining as a therapist / counsellor
  • The odd bit of Rock Climbing and Swimming (mid-life hobbies of a software engineer)

Some of my writing is well thought out, some of it just thoughts and ramblings as I try and work out my thinking.

To help sort the wheat from the chaff, I’ve tried to compile a “best of” collection of articles for those first time visitors.

These articles are representative of my personal interests and the professional training and experience I take into every consulting arrangement performed through Frank Ray and Associates Ltd.

I hope you enjoy reading.


The modern Scrum Master role
One of the best Scrum Master experiences
Scrum master for 25 people

Agile Dysfunction
The real issue with Agile at the moment
Today I’ve removed “Agile” from my CV
What motivates an Agile Coach?

Organisational Scapegoating
The Misunderstood Business Analyst
Whose responsibility is client change anyhow?
Agile Coach vs Scrum Master

Workplace Perversion
Bullying in the UK public sector
“Bad boss” or vulnerable adult child?
The struggle for a 4 day week

Public Sector Procurement
My disappointing interview with the Foreign Office
Why the DOS Framework hasn’t worked for this UK SME supplier
Unsolicited feedback regarding DOS

The biggest issue “outside IR35” contractors are facing
An open letter to the UK recruitment industry
I lived through the public sector IR35 rollout in April 2017

Working Life
Happiness at Work
Me: I’m leaving
Anxiety of being out of work
Stress equation for a modern worker

Counselling Training
Supporting Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse
My parents marriage didn’t survive
Self harming young girls
Feltham Young Offenders

“Samaritans time”
The world according to my 5 year old

Frank Ray

Ask any project manager about the key to their success, and they will say that delivering a project is often more like a "dark art" or by chance, than a predictable science.

They may also say that a project going 'off the rails' was one of the most stressful things they have professionally experienced. And unfortunately, it’s all too common.

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