Finding the Unicorn Developer

I’ve been reading a lot about Autism and Asperger’s lately and one clear take home is the predominance of these kinds of traits in high performing engineers and scientists.

And yet, every day there are job adverts posted for developers and other technical roles offering “career progression, working in a team, perks and benefits”. But I really do wonder for how many technically-minded individuals these things are just not that high on the list of importance.

Compared to, for instance, a quiet working place, clear communication by management and peers in a style they understand, routine, casual work environment, ability to work ‘odd’ hours etc.

My feeling is there is a massive disconnect between what the hiring mothership is looking for in talent, and the talent themselves. With largely the only real currency between the both of them being money.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a job advert that openly said something like “employer will accommodate particular traits and needs as required to find the right technical hire”.

Frank Ray

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