The Helicopter Project Manager

The best of project managers are proactive individuals who work closely in partnership with the team to ensure all aspects of project planning and management represent the solution being built, and in the style in which it is being built.

The worst of project managers are usually detached and uninterested, perhaps slightly discoloured in the cheeks and face, and drag their heels to programme meetings because the notion of ticking off Gantt chart tasks has nothing to do with working in a motivated and empowered project team.

I love this quote from Anna Lukyanova which basically sums up the characteristics of the excellent PM,

A project manager will be primed to think outside of the box, not looking solely at the immediate requirement and the job specified, but at process interdependencies.

She then goes on to say,

If they are doing their job well, they will also be proactively scanning for scope to introduce more efficient ways of working or strategic automation – where it could help to expedite delivery and contain or reduce long-term costs

It’s a great article and I certainly recommend a read of it, especially if you work in the context of having to manage outsourced suppliers.

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