A chilly 11.9 degrees

It was a pretty sharp 11.9 degrees in Guildford Lido today, I managed a good swim but was properly frozen afterwards compared to last week even though it was less than a 1 degree drop.

It’s utterly exhilarating getting out at the end, but knowing the fine line between enough and too much is a delicate act. I carefully monitored myself and avoided any signs of early hypothermia however. 

Unfortunately neither of my two carefully measured wetsuits from HUUB or Newitts have fitted properly, so skins was enforced today because of that. 

But I still haven’t managed to satisfy myself if it’s possible or not to, say, swim a mile outdoors in Surrey in the middle of Jan / Feb without serious repercussions. If so, I’d be sincerely tempted to not buy a wetsuit…

Any thoughts?

Perhaps taking the wetsuit off at the end of a training swim for a few laps in skins might be the way to go in mid winter.

Frank Ray

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