Unsolicited feedback regarding DOS

In my recent post titled Why the DOS Framework hasn’t worked for this UK SME supplier, I wrote openly about why the UK Government Crown Commercial Services (CCS) procurement framework called DOS hasn’t worked very well for myself.

What I didn’t expect was to receive a flood of comments and responses. I can only guess that my own experiences here echoed a wider, shared sentiment which had largely been lying silent.

I post here (in confidence) some of the wider views and experiences regarding the DOS framework I received from others in the industry:

  • The framework is being used to avoid using others such as PSR which is a complete mess.
  • The big consultancies are still winning through even though it was set up for SMEs.
  • We are having limited success on this framework now.
  • We have noticed a significant drop in placements.
  • I think the majority of the roles are fixed.
  • Feedback is dreadful and timelines are impossible.
  • We have become conditioned to the ‘no response’ outcome.
  • If we do get a response it is an exception.
  • If I look on our system, I would suggest that there has been no response at all on probably 80% of applications.
  • Trying to explain that to candidates who have spent hours putting together applications is often difficult.
  • Basically, I need to retire or get out of this business – it is cut throat and has been dehumanised.
  • I could rant for a long time.

Frank Ray

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