People Who WFH Are Not Lazy

My wife works from home 100% of the time as a chartered accountant.

And she typically finds herself working longer hours because of no commute, sometimes finds it hard to turn off at the end of the day having walked 2 feet out of the office to home, and feels compelled to “prove her stuff” and offer value to the company given there is no day to day manager watching over her.

Of course, there are intangibles my wife picks up and enjoys, like not having to pay for travel costs, reaching the office 5 minutes after her breakfast, saying bye to the kids in the morning, and occasionally attending school assembly.

But overall in this case, her employer (probably not through deliberate design) gets extraordinary value from this arrangement and in many ways it’s a win-win setup.

It makes me scratch my head when other employers, often digital and tech-savvy, don’t allow their staff to WFH when appropriate. It’s simply the employer’s loss I think in the long run.

Frank Ray

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