A Packing Checklist for Climbing

It was only a few months ago that I took off for some outdoor rocking climbing in the sun on one of Greece’s premier islands, Kalymnos.

It was also a bit of a mad scramble in the days before trying to work out what, and what not, to take. The following picture gives you a little insight into the state of my mind:

This weekend we had a climbing trip booked, this time back to Ban-y-gor in the Wye Valley. But first, I did something that I had been planning to do for literally years. Which was to…

Compile all the various packing lists I’ve cobbled over the years into one, single packing checklist to cover both my sport and trad weekends away.

And I must say it worked very well – along with a few minor tweaks around the edges whilst away as I came across something missed or forgotten.

Here’s the packing checklist I used:

And here is a larger version of the packing list

Let me know how you get on if you decide to give it a try, whether you already use a packing list (or not), and what if anything essential you may have on yours.

My “luxury item” is a memory foam pillow btw 🙂

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