Birchgrove Finance Integration (Go Live)

Yesterday was a small but momentous day, when for the first time the July 2019 month-end was successfully completed by Birchgrove, a client of mine, using the various software and custom reports myself and several suppliers have been working on.

This included – the specifying and development of a custom Microtill report for restaurant and incidental transactions, my software which mapped the Microtill report to the Yardi Voyager ETL import format, and also the Voyager custom Direct Debit export for the GoCardless format.

In all, a number of resident charges were processed and invoices raised in a small amount of time, along with payments created in GoCardless for collection.

Whilst it’s not 100% automatic (ie. zero-touch), this process was performed end-to-end with no manual adjustments or keying at all.

And the good news is – the month-end process for incidental charges should now generally take a fixed amount of time each month (rather than growing in-line with resident numbers and/or their volume of purchases).

“This saves me a large amount of work and also hugely decreases the risk of me keying in the wrong amount for an invoice or collecting the wrong amount from a resident.”

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