Teach, Your Children (Scratch)

I’ve decided the best way to prepare my 7 and 5-year-old girls for the modern world is to teach them programming at home. First I will spark their interest in all the creative things technology can do to help us, then we will do some visual Scratch programming, perhaps building some multiplayer games we can all enjoy at home (hungry bear chasing the fluffy bunnies comes to mind…), then in a few years move on to some cool Raspberry Pi maker projects.

We’ve got an idea that we may “automate” our hamster’s cage, perhaps beginning with a webcam feed.  Then maybe some AI image recognition so we can see when she wakes up etc. There is a v.cool project in the same vein to count Bees coming in and out of a hive which caught my eye, and also the Kano self-build a tablet kit.

Whilst other parents will be worrying about GCSEs and entrance exams, I think some thorough hands-on tech experience will hedge whatever the education system does or doesn’t do for them. The schooling system isn’t fair, it doesn’t equate to equality for all, it doesn’t cater for those most / least gifted and is heavily biased to those socio-economically advantaged (sorry DFE, it’s true). My plan may not work out this way, but at least I have a place to start from.

Frank Ray

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