Non-Directive Approach in Coaching

Open question to the coaches: I’m aware of the GROW model and life coaching approaches, ie. goal setting, results and KPI driven, continued focus on obstacles etc.

However, having done most of my training in a counselling setting, I’m more familiar with an engagement style that is reflective and open, providing an impartial sounding board, which is particularly helpful for busy people under stress. More like (what I imagine) a non-executive director would offer.

It’s very unusual I’m getting people to bullet out a list of goals to track each week in a spreadsheet… Plus if my counselling training is correct, a lot of people’s difficulties stem from subconscious desires so flipping the responsibility for goal definition onto the client with the statement “what do you think you’d like to achieve” really doesn’t help them.

Is there a place for a more non-directive approach in coaching?

Have you seen a non-directive coaching approach work well in a corporate setting? I understand that tracking KPIs for some paying clients / organisations is really important to their ROI lens, however, there are many individuals that I’ve worked with / spoken to who value time and space to reflect and plan AWAY from goal attainment. What is the correct way to explain the benefits of doing so in a cold hard cash sense? (if it’s even possible to do so)

Open to any feedback or thoughts on the topic.

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